Lip love is the name of the game and with the new season upon us; perfecting your pout for Spring is sometimes a forgotten factor to revive your look from colder months.

When Spring rolls around yearly, the ritual begins.  We spend countless hours exfoliating via scrubs and peels, yearning for that youthful clarity.  Maybe masks are your go-to for clearing and resizing pores to their most refined texture.  Whatever your spring cleaning regimen may be, try adding these two insider tips to give your lips a little, much needed TLC.


I know this sounds crazy, but it really works!  Every time you brush your teeth, after rinsing your mouth and toothbrush, take your toothbrush and, wait for it…, brush your lips.  Lip brushing, is much like body brushing; it is a manual type of exfoliation.  It removes chapped, dead skin and reveals the newest layer of skin to the surface.  Toothpastes are antibacterial in nature and the residual left on the toothbrush is just enough to cleanse the lips while working in conjunction with the manual effort.  This technique will plump your pucker and make your smacker super-soft.  Hands down, this is the single best tip I have ever implemented to maximize fullness and texture.


Use coconut oil instead of lip balm, after your lip brushing session.  It hydrates the delicate skin on and around the mouth, and contrary to popular belief, not all oils will break you out.  I purchase coconut oil from a natural food store in the oil isle, next to the array of olive and specialty oils available.  When choosing an oil, you should select one that is an organic, pure extra virgin coconut oil.  Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, but quickly melts with an application to the skin due to our body temperature.  When you see how large the jar is, you will probably think, “I don’t have room for that in my bathroom drawer, and I definitely can’t fit that in my handbag.”  My suggestion is to shelf the big jar in your kitchen for your next culinary exploration. Pick up a small plastic jar used for cosmetic travel available at most drug stores.  Scoop the coconut oil from the larger jar and fill the travel-sized jar for storage in your bathroom.  An even smaller empty container, the size of a lip balm pot, can be filled for use in your makeup bag.

Your best lips are just a brush away.