Vintage Hair and MakeupI had the pleasure of working with DIFFA Dallas in creating this advertorial to benefit HIV and AIDS. Vintage styling can often appear “costume” if approached in a literal sense.  Prevent a dated mid-century nod with “3 TRICKS to Modernize VINTAGE Beauty”.

Photography: Bode Helm

Hair and Makeup: Sara Domi

Model:  Tricia Rollo/Page Parkes

 Wardrobe:  Stephanie Quadri


Vintage hair and makeup



  • Overly thin, drawn-on brows are unquestionably era appropriate, however, a fresh approach focuses on brow definition not depth.  Start by penciling in the natural brow shape with a shade lighter than your hair.  Set your penciled shape with a small angle brush and matte, shade appropriate eye shadow.  Focus the attention to the “clean up”.  Paint concealer using a synthetic brush above and below your brow to expertly define your brow lines.  Your eyes are now prepped for eyeshadow, liner and lashes.


  • To soften the typical matte red lip we associate with a vintage face, opt for a nude lip liner to amp your signature red to the next level.  Nude lip pencils are my secret weapon when creating a red pout.  Enjoy less feathering, less touchups and a user-friendly application.   Start with a red lipstick that compliments your skin tone and apply it from the tube.  Pencil in the corners and define the lip line with a nude pencil.  Lipstick applied prior to penciling allows the pencil to slide more easily.  Nude shades are closer to your skin tone; making maintenance a breeze.  We’ve all had that horrific mirror check that reflects ONLY a red lip line remaining.  Prevent the end of the night pout.



  • When looking at how fashion and beauty evolves through the decades, commonly, the approach is not altered.  Technology, ironically, is how a vintage style can feel new again.  A curl set is a curl set, period.  What makes a curl set modern is the ease of using hot tools and products like dry shampoo to add volume.  So, before you source your recycling bin for soup cans to create an authentic vintage style, try this…  Following your blow out, choose a curling wand that is one and a half inches wide.  Spray dry shampoo on the roots for volume and texture.  Part your hair into three sections; think mohawk.  Curl the mohawk section straight back in large sections and secure each curl with a flat wet-set clip.  The last two sections can be curled under in large sections and secured the same way.  Spray with hair spray and let the set cool.


  • Producing a style that is current, but that also embodies vintage characteristics is easy once your set is cool to the touch.  Remove all the clips and brush out your curl set.  You will notice that your hair has soft waves created by the set.  I recommend pinning back the front half of the hair; from the back of the ear forward.  It could be as simple as a half-up-half-down look, a french twist or victory rolls; like shown in this editorial.  Don’t be afraid to let it be imperfect.  Undone styles are trending and a vintage style doesn’t have to be the exception.



  • Although we opted for “lady-like” accessory choices in this story, I favor juxtaposing classic hair and makeup with rock-n-roll touches to keep the look edgy.  Pair fishnets with combat boots or duo a leather cuff with a gown to honor your individuality.  Embracing modern accessories is the key in preventing the perception of “literal 50’s glam”.  Accessories are the place to have your “downtown girl” personality shine.


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