From the runway and the red carpet straight to your front door, here are the 3 coolest hair trends for the new season. Make a fresh statement this spring with hairstyles on fashion’s cutting edge (that’s a stylist pun) and set out on your journey to personal world domination.

1.  Braids

Whether tossed nonchalantly over your shoulder or demurely wound around your crown, braids are everywhere this season. The timeless romance of plaited locks is updated in a number of variations this year.

When it’s on top of your head (call it the milkmaid braid or the Renaissance braid) your braid sends out a message of innocent sensuality that works in the daytime or in the evening. Go for a formal look with a tight, glossy texture, or loosen it up for that slightly disheveled, oh-so-sexy appeal.

For the boho festival feel, weave a few flowers into your casual, loosely braided hair. Keep a bit of fluffy texture on top for a more rock-and-roll aesthetic — or go punk with a thick braid right down the center of your head for a new take on the mohawk.


2.  Ponytails

Yes, ponytails are a perennial favorite. They’re simple and quick — and this spring they’re adorning some of the most fashionable heads on the planet. To stay on-trend, go for the low ponytail. Once again, you can go really sleek and severe, or loose and flyaway. (Varied textures are a huge theme this spring, as you’ll continue to see.)

Go for the chic, sleek, minimalist look with a low ponytail trimmed to a straight, blunt finish. Sweep it back with a deep side part, slick it down to a sophisticated shine, add some dark, smoky eyes and you’re ready for the most glamorous evening affair.

Don’t like the shiny look? Fine. Go free and easy with a messy, highly textured low ponytail and a side part. Leave some strands around the front and sides to emphasize your face and complete your casual, too-cool-to-care look.

Edgy Bobs

3.  Edgy Bobs

Spring is the time of new beginnings — and it just might be the perfect time to cut your hair and create a whole new you with a medium-length or short edgy bob. This spring, you can go for a straight, glossy bob in the glamorous, Golden Age of Film style (think Theda Bara) or a choppy, flyaway style that’s purely contemporary and urban.

Choose fringed bangs, or let your hair fall seductively over one side of your face. Once again, the look can be super-shiny or loose and mussed-up. Other variations include a sexy mermaid wave, parted on the side, or an ultra-slick, ultramodern bob parted in the middle and anchored tightly behind the ears.

Can’t decide which you like better, high-gloss or loose and casual? Combine them. This spring’s bob styles can incorporate them both into a wet look that’s a bit chunky, a bit dreadlocks, and all beach goddess.

Add the finishing touches with the trendiest accessories — try flowers for romance, leather for business and pleasure, and gold accents for a real touch of class. This spring, style is meant to be flexible, so change up those textures, be a bit of a rebel, and have some fun!