Hair and Makeup by Sara Domi

Agent Provocateur Published Feature – D Magazine Hair and Makeup – Sara Domi Photography – Bode Helm Wardrobe Stylist – Stephanie Quadri Model – Paige Rivas

Austin hair salon, Propaganda Hair Group presents Agent Provocateur – hair and makeup by Sara Domi. Check out a behind the scenes look at what went into the concept and the end result of this beautiful fashion story. “It is no secret that I love and feel most at home on set doing makeup and hair.  Today I found a fashion editorial that I had the pleasure of working on that had not yet been published on our website.  It was shot in Dallas, Texas and published by D Magazine.  The story was shot by Fashion and Celebrity Photographer, Bode Helm.”

Hair and makeup by Sara Domi

Maiami mohair sweater, $252, Piermarini Boutique; Dezso coral fringe necklace, $1,300, Forty Five Ten











“The shoot proved to be challenging, due to us relying on the headlights of cars that drove by while shooting.  It was the first time I had ever been on a shoot where we were hoping that random cars would get in the shot. Our lovely model, Paige Rivas had to stay completely still during the night shots, so Bode could drag the shutter to achieve the light tracers.  Pretty cool, huh.  Uncommonly, none of the light effects were done in post, i.e. Photoshop.  The excellent clothing selections made by Stylist and Beauty Writer, Stephanie Quadri is what gave the shots their edge.”

Nha Khanh leather top, $550, and curly wool cocoon coat, $1,795, both Forty Five Ten; Zero Maria + Cornejo knit gloves, $250, V.O.D.

“For the hair and makeup, I wanted to create a young fresh look for Paige.  The hair was conceptualized with the team and the decision was made to have the hair away from the face so it did not conflict with the lit car effects and the heavy collars.  I achieved Paige’s “undone up-do” with a high pony that was then braided.  The braid was tied at the end and loosened, spun into a bun and pinned.  Literally a 10 minute “do”.  Keeping the hairline messy and fuzzed is what I believe keeps the look modern.”

Maison Rabih Kayrouz dress, $3,195, Neiman Marcus downtown; Nina Ricci sweater coat, $2,250, Barneys New York; Azzedine Alaïa shoes, $1,935, Forty Five Ten; East Africa Co. bangles, $30/set, and East Africa Co. bracelets, $15/set, both Forty Five Ten

“Paige’s makeup is clean and her skin is reflective in nature to take advantage of the hard light used.  Minimal eye makeup was applied to create a “doe in the headlights” effect.  It is hard to achieve that appeal with a heavy eye.  A strong lip accompanied the look to make it pop and keep her from looking washed out.”

Hair and makeup by Sara Domi

Stella McCartney sweater dress, $935, Stella McCartney; LD Tuttle boots, $919, V.O.D.; Erickson Beamon ring, $366, Barneys New York; Oscar de la Renta bracelet, $395, Neiman Marcus downtown

“I hope you enjoy and share Agent Provocateur.” Visit Propaganda Hair Group Gallery for more images.

Roseanna sweater, $445, and Roseanna knit shorts, $295, both V.O.D.; Erickson Beamon earrings, $355, Barneys New York; Chanel boots, $1,350, Neiman Marcus downtown; Target x Missoni tights, $17, Target