PROPAGANDA HAIR GROUP offers many options for you and your bridal party. We have award winning Bridal Stylists and Makeup Artists to make your special day “picture perfect.”


Q: Am I able to arrange for my entire bridal party to get ready at Propaganda for the day of my wedding?

A: No, we do not accommodate entire bridal parties. We apologize for any inconvenience.  Our salon space is limited and we find that offering on-location services for the day of your wedding is much more comfortable for you and your bridal party.

Q: Can Propaganda do my hair and makeup for my bridal portraits or engagement photos?

A: Yes, time can be booked with our Stylists/Makeup Artists to aid you with your look for either or both portrait sessions.  Bridal portrait and engagement photo services are performed in-salon.

Q: What type of makeup do you use?

A: We carry MUD Cosmetics makeup in the salon and is available to purchase for touch-ups to take with you. We also use a variety of lines that are specific to makeup for photography.

Q: Do you have makeup artists that do airbrush makeup?

A: Yes, we do have Artists that are trained in airbrush makeup if that is your preference.


Q: Is it possible to schedule a trial run prior to my wedding?

A: Absolutely, we encourage it. Hair and makeup trial runs are the best way for you to get on the same page with your Stylist/Makeup Artist about the look you are wanting to achieve.  Hair and makeup trials are done in-salon.

Q: What do I need to bring to my trial run?

A: Bring a clean face and hair that was washed one day prior. One day old hair is fantastic for updos and gives the hair an easier texture to work with. Also, bring pictures of hair and makeup that you like so your Stylist/Makeup Artist can get a sense of your style and expectations. Try to choose photos where the model or celebrity has similar coloring, ie. hair color, eye color and skin tone.

Q: Is it possible to have your Stylists/Makeup Artists go on location for my wedding?

A: Yes, we only accommodate on-location weddings. If your wedding is being held outside of a 10 mile radius of downtown Austin, additional travel fees may be appropriate. It is best to call the salon to get an accurate quote if this is the case.

Q: What does Propaganda require to reserve my wedding day services?

A: We ask for a final head count of services so we are able to plan your day smoothly. We also require a signed contract and deposit in the amount of 50% of the scheduled services.

Q: When do you require the remaining 50% payment for wedding day services?

A: In our experience, we find that transactions made on the day of the wedding only add to the stress level. It is our goal to ensure that you and your bridal party are at ease, pampered and are not inconvenienced with day-of transactions. For this reason, we ask that the remaining balance is to be paid prior to wedding day.

Q: Will I be able to add a tip for my Stylist and Makeup Artist or is gratuity included in the pricing?

A: Tips are not included in the pricing. You are able to add gratuity to the final payment prior to the wedding day. Or, our Stylists/Artists will except cash tips.

Q: What does Propaganda charge for bridal services if they are performed in the salon vs on location?

In-salon hair and makeup trial run prices are as follows…

  • Bridal Hair Trial $ 75
  • Bridal Makeup Trial $ 75

On-location prices within a 10 mile radius are as follows…

  • Bridal Hair $ 170
  • Bridal Makeup $ 170
  • Bridal Party Style Up (any style with pins) $ 100 – $ 120
  • Bridal Party Style Out $ 80
  • Bridal Party Style Out w/ Iron Work $ 100
  • Bridal Party Makeup $ 100
  • On-Location Artist Fee $ 100/per artist