diffa dallasDesign Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA/Dallas) hosts a fashion show yearly to raise funds for those living with or affected by HIV and AIDS.  Since 1984, DIFFA/Dallas has granted over $6 million to numerous front line HIV/AIDS Service Organizations in North Texas.  I was honored to act as part of the creative team who produced DIFFA’s 25 Year Anniversary Campaign in promotion of their annual, over-the-top fashion show. DIFFA/Dallas’ fashion extravaganza; HOUSE of DIFFA No 25, was without fail a wonderful spectacle.  I am proud to have been a part of the backstage makeup team of amazing runway artists.

HOUSE of DIFFA No 25 Campaign

The DIFFA campaign this year was fun to work on.  I was surrounded by an extremely talented team who continue to inspire me and spark creativity.  The amazing images were conceptualized by Art Director Brittanie Buchanan Oleniczak, and shot by the one and only; Fashion Photographer Bode Helm.  I was joined by my husband and partner, Lati Domi, on hair.  And Walter Fuentes, of WAFU Artistry and The Campbell Agency on hair and makeup. Wardrobe choices by Stylist Lindsay Weatherread, of The Campbell Agency and environmental aids via Prop Stylist Deborah Points, of Independent Artists brought a sophistication to the images and mood of our location, The DRAM.


Photography – Bode Helm
Hair and Makeup – Sara Domi / Propaganda Hair Group / Kim Dawson
Hair – Lati Domi / Propaganda Hair Group
Hair and Makeup – Walter Fuentes / The Campbell Agency
Art Director – Brittanie Buchanan Oleniczak / DIFFA Dallas
Wardrobe – Lindsay Weatherread / The Campbell Agency
Prop Stylist – Deborah Points / Independent Artists
Producer – Holly Kissinger / Bode Helm Photography
Designer – Erik Karvonen Design
Models – Roxanna Redfoot/The Campbell Agency  –  Paige Rivas/Kim Dawson Agency  –  David Miller/Kim Dawson Agency  –  Shayne Davis/Kim Dawson Agency
diffa dallas

diffa dallasdiffa dallas

diffa dallas

diffa dallas

diffa dallas

diffa dallas

diffa dallas

diffa dallas

HOUSE of DIFFA No 25 Fashion Show

diffa dallas

It’s show time!  I can not stress enough, the high level of expertise the artists I had the pleasure of working with backstage.  Our runway team was headed up by Makeup Director and friend LB Rosser, and Assistant Makeup Director, Gary Parson.

diffa dallasThe show looks were well organized and models were designated to specific artists.  Various models were walking in more than one Act, however, the transitions were well thought out.  As an artist, I highly value when steps are taken during preparation to ensure that all looks will be a successful.

Many artists are amazingly quick; creating complex looks with limited time.  I, however, have never been an artist able to bang out a look in 20 minutes.  Those you who know me are probably smiling right now.  So for an artist like me; I more than appreciated the thought that went into conceptualizing the transitions.  Bravo, guys!!

Here’s a glimpse of the show highlights and behind the scenes detail shots.

sara domi makeup



cher hukill makeup walter fuentes makeup


diffa dallas


 diffa dallas

Want more?  Please check out Photographer Randy Anderson‘s images of the event at this LINK.  Additional coverage by Photographer Quoc Cong Qc.

 As always we appreciate your shares, likes, pins, and tweets.  To see more DIFFA ad campaigns click   “3 TRICKS to Modernize VINTAGE Beauty“.

If I neglected to give credit where credit is due; leave a comment and I will amend this post immediately.  My intent is to celebrate the artists involved in this amazing event.


DIFFA Runway Makeup TeamDirector:  LB Rosser / Kim Dawson
Asst. Director – Gary Parson / Kim Dawson
Lana Adams / Kim Dawson
John Ball / Seaminx
Amy Bjork / Page Parkes
Yvonne Coan / Kim Dawson
Briana Dai 
Sara Domi / Kim Dawson / PHG
Lydia Duron / Kim Dawson
Rick Flores / Campbell 
Jo Franco 
Walter Fuentes / Campbell
Cindy Gregg / Kim Dawson
Cher Hukill / Campbell
Robert Jones / Seaminx
Samantha Landis / Seaminx
Lisa Martensen / Kim Dawson
Shane Monden / Wallflower
Michael Moran
Cheryll Smith / Campbell
Michael Thomas / On Set
Al Tidwell / Kim Dawson
Ro Vielma / Kim Dawson
Kelly Whaley / Kim Dawson

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