Propaganda Hair Group was honored to host a styling class for ORIBE Hair Care taught by Kien Hoang.  Kien, a salon owner from San Francisco, splits his time as an Editorial Stylist, Lead Stylist for New York Fashion Week and Educator for Oribe Hair Care.  The class focus was styling bob length shapes that featured user-friendly techniques that are applicable regardless of hair length or hair texture.


This time of year static electricity and frizz are common hair culprits.  We often try to style our hair without creating a smooth hair texture and wonder why our curls get frizzy are short lived.  Starting with beautiful hair is the first step in making your look more manageable to style.  You might be thinking, “My hair texture is far from beautiful and I don’t know how to change it with styling.”  You’re not alone.

Product Style Tip 1: 

Prep towel dried hair with a smoothing serum to help seal in the cuticle and control frizz.  Your blowout will create a smoother texture and your end result will be long lasting and polished.  Kien used ORIBE Smooth Style Serum that was formulated to tame static and fly-aways.  Although, it is suitable for all hair types, it unexpectedly plumps up fine hair without compromising shine.

CURL QUERY – Endangered or Enduring?

Getting a great curl set prior to an updo or achieving long lasting beachy waves can be a challenge for the novice and seasoned hairdresser alike.  Being the DIY beauty warriors that we are, I know you have tried to get the look at home.  For locks that last, Kien notes, going “old-school” using the appropriate product and classic curl set is the key, ironically, to modernizing the look.

Product Style Tip 2:

ORIBE Hair Care has the answer for those of us that wrestle our hair to hold a curl.  ORIBE Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray used section-by-section paired with an iron or wand of choice, creates curl memory in hard-to-hold-curl hair textures without the crunch we commonly experienced with hairspray.  ORIBE Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray, our team learned, is not limited to flowing curls; try it with a flat iron for long lasting glossy straight shapes.Oribe Soft Lacquer

“Unlike hairspray, it’s brushable AND retains the curl, shine and softness,” states Kien.  For added curl power, pin each curl close to head allowing the hair to cool; think silent film star, circa 1920.  Remember, the smaller the iron, the tighter the curl.  Choose an iron that is two sizes smaller than the end result you are trying to achieve.

Expert Finishing Tip:

After hair is cooled, remove the pins and brush out your curl set.  You heard me correctly, brush your hair from roots to ends and more times than not, that is all you need for a great down-do.  Alternately you’ve just created the perfect texture to transform your shape into an up style.  Finish with a bit of hairspray if desired and enjoy your long lasting, soft to the touch style.