During the TRIBEZA Style Week Fashion Show I had numerous attendees approach me asking for a makeup break down on the show look.  Thank you for joining us for part two of Tribeza Fashion Show 2014.  This post is a Runway MAKEUP Tutorial highlighting the makeup techniques and cosmetics used to get the look.


The intention with the makeup look was to create a flawless, beautiful complexion with a pop of color.  The clothing selections were primarily neutral, so I felt that a bold lip would not interfere with the mood of the clothing.  Another consideration was complimenting the hair.  We chose to create a loose undone hairstyle; so it was important that the models look fresh and young.  For a full tutorial on the hair look visit “Tribeza Fashion Show 2014“.

runway makeup tutorial


MAC Indianwood Pro Longwear Paint Pot is applied from the lash to the bone using a sheer application.

MAC Bare Study Pro Longwear Paint Pot is applied from the brow down to the bone and blended.

runway makeup tutorialMAC Eye Shadows Soft Brown, Saddle and Brown Script were used as definition in the crease and below the lower lash line.

runway-makeup-tutorialMAC Shroom Eye Shadow is applied directly to the middle of the lower lid.

A pale peach concealer is applied to the waterline.

runway makeup tutorialMAC White Frost Eye Shadow is applied to the inner corners of the eyes with small eye shadow brush to brighten the eyes.


LOREAL Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black is used on both upper and lower lashes.




MAC Strobe Cream is used as moisturizer for an iridescent dewy finish.  This product is my go-to for prepping the skin prior to foundation.

runway-makeup-tutorialARMANI Luminous Silk Foundation is applied with a foundation brush and sheered out with a damp sponge.  This foundation is in my opinion has the beautiful finish on the market.

runway-makeup-tutorialMUD Cream Foundation is used to correct and conceal imperfections.  A high level of pigmentation with a slick texture; MUD Creams will cover anything from dark circles to tattoos.

runway-makeup-tutorialBen Nye Neutral Set Colorless Powder is used to set foundation with a small fluffy brush and a light hand.  A priceless staple that can be used on any skin tone.

runway-makeup-tutorialMAC Taupe Powder Blush works to contour the cheekbones.  Contour should always be matte and applied parallel to the floor, not horizontal.  Start at the middle of the ear and work inward.  Blend with Ben Nye Neutral Set Colorless Loose Powder.


W3LL People Bio Brightener Stick is tapped with the ring finger to the tops of the cheek bones, the cheek plane, the bridge of the nose and the cupid’s bow.  This step creates a glowing dewy skin-like texture.



Apply lip balm and brush the lips with a soft toothbrush to remove dead skin cells.

runway makeup tutorial

DIOR Rouge Dior in Rendez-vous is applied with a lip brush to the center of the lip and blended outward.


Line the lips with NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Timanfaya and pencil in the corners of the mouth.

runway-makeup-tutorialUsing a small eyeshadow brush, pat INGLOT Eye Shadow #361 onto the lips for a matte finish.

runway-makeup-tutorialPerfect your lip lines using a concealer brush and a small amount of foundation around the lip line.

Powder the outside of the lip line to prevent bleeding.


runway makeup tutorialOrganizing a makeup look can be more involved than one might think.  There are many steps to ensure a smooth backstage experience for your team and models.  I find that leaving nothing to chance is a great formula to minimize stress in a fast paced runway environment.

  1. Meet with the Designer or Art Director creating the concept to understand the feeling of the show, mood of the clothing, timeline, size of the room and number of models.  Keep in mind the time you are allowed for model prep.  The look you choose should not only be appropriate for the clothing, but MUST be time appropriate as well.runway makeup tutorial
  2. Create your look and apply it on a model prior to show day.  Photograph it and submit the images for approval to the Art Director or Designer of the show.
  3. Write a step-by-step break down of the makeup look.  Create a face chart of your look and a timeline for your artists to refer to during model prep.  Print individual copies for each artist and create a board for the model prep area.
  4. Go purchase or source the specific makeup shades for your team to use.  I view continuity from model-to-model as a key component.  Providing samples of the shades used ensure that your model’s looks are cohesive.  This is a step I never leave to chance when organizing a look.
  5. Assign individual artists to specific roles for touch ups right before the show.  Have one artist on lips, an artist on foundation or powder, an artist on body detail, etc…  When the girls are lined up after first changes your team can go down the line and perfect their specific makeup detail.  It’s easier than having every artist trying to detail every aspect of the application.

runway makeup tutorialrunway makeup tutorialSpecial thanks to Tiffany Lowe and Brooke Hampton for joining the Propaganda Hair Group Makeup Team.  Also, Neena Nguyen and Austin Fashion Report for allowing us the use of their images for this post.  And we can’t forget TRIBEZA who hosted the event and Fashion Stylist Sara Oswalt, for conceptualizing the clothing direction.  Thank you all; we couldn’t have done it without you.

runway makeup tutorial


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