The TRUTH About Natural Makeup focuses on getting you camera-ready.  How many of you out there love having your photography taken?  I will deduce from the silence that you are few and far.  Have you ever noticed that the way you look in person is not the way you are captured in a photograph?  “How do models and celebrities look so natural on the covers of magazines,” you might ask yourself?  Let’s start by understanding that natural makeup is NOT minimal makeup.  Minimal makeup is the use of a few key products, applied with a light hand.  Natural makeup, however, is not natural at all.  Many steps, patience and a professional hand are key factors in achieving that “oh-so-natural” look.  Many natural makeup applications can take up to an hour to apply if done correctly.  Are you in?

When 5 Minute Makeup is NOT Enough

You just found out that you have an upcoming event, chances are that it will photographed.  It is likely you will have your picture taken and blasted into eternal cyberspace via social platforms.  Ughh!  A decade ago we “dolled up” when we were photographed as high school seniors, when we got married, for professional head shots or any other timeline worthy moments in life.  This is not the case anymore, you might find a photo of yourself on a Sunday morning after a hard night on a friend’s page. HORROR.  I think these tips are especially useful for monumental events in your life, however, mastering a “natural makeup” should be a staple in a girl’s arsenal of beauty tricks to be utilized on a whim.

Having your photograph taken; clean faced with all imperfections visible, is not an adventure I’d like to embark on personally.  Our brave model is also a Stylist, Color Specialist and Makeup Artist at Propaganda Hair Group.  I’d like to personally thank and introduce you to Mandy Silver, who will be taking us along this journey today with a visual representation of how to get the look.  If you are planning on being photographed or simply want to feel and look your best, consider hiring a professional makeup artist to learn tips and tricks.  I’ve included an eye tutorial for those wanting to DIY our natural makeup look.

Tip for the Time Taxed

For everyday, or if time is in short supply; a designer pair of shades, the perfect shade of lipstick and insisting on using the camera flash goes a long way when being photographed.


natural makeup

STEP 1eye tutorial step 1  

Prep the eye by tweezing stray hairs.  You can purchase a small razor from a local beauty supply store for cleaning up even the finest of hairs.  Remember to face the razor parallel to the floor; never vertical to avoid slicing the skin.

STEP 2eye tutorial step 2  

Define the brow with a brow pencil or powder of choice to fill in any sparse areas.  Choose a brow cosmetic 2 shades lighter than your hair color.  Always start with brows to created the cleanest end result.  Then, apply concealer as an eyeshadow base, from the lash to the brow.

STEP 3eye tutorial step 3

Choose a shimmery shade close to your skin tone for the lower lid and concentrate the shadow with a dense brush from the lash to the bone.  Pat and press a lighter, matte eye shadow from the brow down to the bone with the same brush and blend the two shade at the crease. This technique will define and carve out the brow shape.

STEP 4eye tutorial step 4

With the lightest windshield wiper motion, apply a matte, taupe shade or blush color just above the crease.  If crease colors are applied directly in the crease, they will not be visible when the eye is open.  Use a fluffy soft brush and a delicate touch to achieve an airbrushed eye.

STEP 5eye tutorial step 5  

I chose a warm berry shade to bring out the green in Mandy’s eyes.  Apply to the outer corner; from the outside of the iris out.  This step is all about making messes, that’s why we do eyes first.  We will clean up eye shadow fall-out after the eye is completed.  Don’t stress if you look a bit crazy after this step.

STEP 6eye tutorial step 6

Mascara first; ALWAYS prior to a false lash application.  Apply falsies looking down into a hand mirror.  Using a clear adhesive, DUO is the best, evenly distribute the glue to the band.  Once set into place, tap the band with the handle side of a makeup brush, along the lash line.  Finally pinch the false lash and your lash together at the base of your lash.  This trick not only makes the lash look more like yours, but will ensure a more comfortable wear.  Finish with a liner of your choice.  I used a combination of brown cream liner and a dark plum powdered eye shadow to create this smoky effect.  Notice the outside corner of the eye, it should look this messy prior to wiping away excess shadow.

STEP 7natural beauty

Now you are ready to clean up the mess.  Makeup wipes are my best friend; I truly don’t know how I managed before their invention.  Using a makeup wipe, remove eye shadow fall-out or mascara that you somehow got on your nose.  Makeup wipes are an amazing tool to shape the outer eye.  For example, if I am doing a cat eye I rarely draw the line on perfect the first time; but erasing to create a perfect line is always easier.  Now apply moisturizer, eye cream and primer if you desire to prep the skin for the remainder of the application.

natural makeup

Here is a split image of Mandy.  The left side is her before shot and the right side is after we finished her foundation, cheek color and lips. We will focus more in depth in the future about other aspects of application.  Each of the above mentioned are a blog in itself.  Want more?  Click to find out 2 Unexpected Tips for a Pretty Pout.

after makeup          MANDY IS PHOTO READY

The next time you know you will be photographed, try some of these tips or take a chance on a local makeup artist.  And if you are in Austin, come visit Mandy and I at Propaganda Hair Group.

We would be honored if you visit our gallery to view more of our work.   I hope you enjoyed this blog and please leave questions and comments, I would love to connect.

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